School Visitor: Author Gracie Kim
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We were lucky to host the renowned Korean-Kiwi author Gracie Kim at Golden Grove School recently. Gracie is known worldwide for her bestselling series Gifted Clans published through the Rick Riordan Presents program. Gracie blends traditional Korean culture with mythical fantasy to create heartful and humorous novels, crafted to inspire and speak to children and young teens of all backgrounds and faiths as they see their culture come to life through Gracie’s novels.

Many of the Golden Grove students were reading and studying the Gifted Clans books in class, leading up to her visit on Wednesday the 19th of June 2024. While at Golden Grove, Gracie gave the most memorable presentation about using failures as stepping stones to future success. Gracie patiently answered questions from the students regarding her background, interests and life as a novelist, mother and avid dog lover. Thank you to Gracie for sharing her experience and humor with our school. It was a very unique and wonderful opportunity to have her visit our school; we are extremely grateful.