At Golden Grove School we value cultural diversity, acceptance and peace education. We have a small group of international students currently within our International Student Programme, which caters for the individual needs of every student, and integrates children holistically into New Zealand education and culture. We warmly welcome students from all corners of the globe to experience a positive, tailored, rewarding learning environment at Golden Grove School.

Our requirements for International Students:

  • Children must be 5.5-12 years old
  • A parent or guardian must provide a suitable home and personalised care for the child; we do not organise accommodation for students.
  • The child must have a current NZ study visa/permit
  • The parent must have a relevant NZ visa/permit to accompany the child
  • The child must have travel insurance for the duration of their studies

For more information about our International Student Programme, please contact the school office on +649 636 4461 or

Otherwise please fill out the International Student Application and post it to:

Golden Grove School
57 Grey Street
Auckland 1061
New Zealand

Or scan and email to