School Camp 2021

On Tuesday 30 May, our senior class and some of the juniors all packed in to buses and headed off for Port Waikato School Camp. It was raining (quite a bit!) but that didn’t deter us from the thought of adventure.

Our first day had us heading underground in to a massive underground cave! You would never know it but under some pretty boring looking farmland and sheep there is a whole network of caves, where you can walk for over a kilometre.

At least it wasn’t raining down there, but it sure was wet. Did you know glow worms can glow blue? We saw stalactites, stalagmites, and huge pillars formed by water dripping and carrying tiny bits of mineral. They land on the cave floor and slowly pile up over millions of years. They’re older than even our teachers!

When we got back to camp it was time for activities. We split in to groups. Some went BMX biking, some played petanque, some went abseiling, and some went to learn archery. You can see in the photographs all the different things we did. We even invented some of our own games.

The next day, we did more activities. Then the sun went down, the sky got dark and the night creatures came out. Do you think we went inside? No! After dinner we went straight back in to the bush. We were all very very quiet, and took turns at walking through the bush, all the time holding on to a rope for safety. There is a lot happening in the bush at night, and in the silence we could hear and feel the different world that comes alive after dark.

Thanks everyone for making such a great camp.