Golden Grove School – 20 Hour Famine
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On Friday 21st of June 2024 Golden Grove School students participated in the 20 Hour Famine. This initiative is to help students understand some of the difficulties children in other parts of our world are experiencing such as poverty and famine due to natural disasters or other causes. To participate students were sponsored by friends and families within our community to not eat for 20 hours, students could only consume water during this famine. The money raised by each student was donated to World Vision, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and families over come poverty and injustice.

Before their famine students each brought a small food plate to share as an afternoon tea. Many graduate students from previous years at Golden Grove also attended the famine creating a cohort of around 30 students aged 8 to 14 year old. After their shared afternoon tea, students organized themselves and began team games of Capture-The-Flag and King-Ball before the evening settled in. Once it was dark enough all the students received glow sticks to help light the way for the final game of the evening Spotlight, a game similar to hide-and-seek played in the dark within and without the school. After a fun 5 hours of the famine, students were collected by their families at 8:00pm and completed their famines at home finishing at 12:00pm the next day.

A massive thank you to all contributors and donators who sponsored the students for the famine. These events and activates are amazing for our students and the support we receive from our parent community is unparalelled.

Thank you to all the students who participated and supported in their own way. We look forward to seeing you at our next famine!