Golden Grove Market Stall at Parnell Village Market
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On Saturday June 8th Golden Grove students participated in the set up, sale and pack down of a market stall at the Parnell Village Markets. This event was to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, students successfully raised upwards of $500 over the course of their day at the market. Students teamed up together to run the stall, with the main responsibility and customer management being handled solely by the children. Staff, teachers and parent volunteers where nearby to assist with any problems the students encountered, encouraging a completely student-managed stall that allowed the children a great deal of experience with the surrounding community.

The Golden Grove Market Stall had numerous items displayed, some of which were generously donated but most were created by the students themselves including student-made wheat packs, which were cut and sewn at Golden Grove by our senior class students, to help families keep warm during winter and jars of natural honey decorated by students from the school’s bee hives.

We would like to thank all parents, students, families and friends who came to the market to support this event. We intend to participate in the Parnell Village Markets again in Term 3 of the school year, keep a look out in the school newsletter for more upcoming events.