Golden Grove School has begun our “Giving Back Initiative”. This is?a program within the school where the students put time and energy into doing something for the benefit of others. This is a very far reaching program that is aimed to broaden the student’s idea of community, we are aiming to “Give Back” to not just our school community?and our surrounding neighbourhood but to the world community. Part of the initiative is to show the students that they are part of the wider community of humanity and that a little effort can go a long way.

So far we have the following programs started:
International – A team of students working with refugee organisations collecting what they need for ongoing support.
National – A team of students are selling Bee Seeds to help with NZ Bee Month.
Community – A team of students are supporting the local organisation Onehunga Peoples Garden.
School – A team of students are organising a “Pan” Movie Night to raise money for GGS to put extra street safety precautions on Grey Street.