Golden Grove School has a special place within our community, and we want our students appearance to reflect our values of a sense of belonging, pride and inner discipline. We would like to present a neat, clean and high quality image to the community, and for ourselves.

Compulsory Uniform

  • Tan bottoms, skorts, pants, tunic or shorts
  • School shirts, white polo or blue dress
  • Navy socks/tights/leggings
  • Black shoes suitable for school, and black school sandals may be worn in summer

Optional Uniform

  • Blue knitted school jumper (with logo) or blue polar fleece
  • School jacket (with logo)

Compulsory PE Uniform, worn only on PE day

  • School PE shorts
  • School PE t-shirt

Optional PE Uniform, worn only on PE day

  • School tracksuit (pants and jacket)

Sun Hats

Children must bring a sun hat to school each day in terms 1 and 4.

Uniform Purchase

Uniforms are ordered from the school office and samples are available for fitting.