How do I apply?

  1. If you are interested in having your child attend Golden Grove School, call or email us to organise a parent tour.
  2. Alternatively, just fill in the Application For Admission, scan it and email to
  3. Give us time to reply.
  4. If we have a space, we will invite you and your child for a visit.

The completion of the Application Form signifies your commitment to move forward with your application and places your child on our enrolment waiting list. On the school receiving your application you will receive confirmation of this along with an email explaining the next steps in the enrolment procedure for your family. Steps are different for each family depending on the child’s age and space available.

What happens when my child is accepted?

After the application process, Golden Grove School will offer a place to a child based on availability. When your child has been accepted, a starting date and formal Place of Offer will be sent to you. 

A child’s enrolment is only secure when the formal Place of Offer has been signed and sent to the school along with your enrolment fee and bond payment.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the roll?

Golden Grove School is a small private school with two classrooms and a roll of around 50 students. 

How many spaces are available?

Typically we offer eight placements at each year level. This is variable depending on sibling enrolments and the number of children graduating or moving our of the area. In situations where a space is available we do accept children transferring from other schools. Enrolments take place throughout the year.

When do you accept children?

Children can enroll in our Junior classroom between ages 5 to 9.
Our Senior classroom considers students between ages 9 to 13.

How long will it take for my child to settle into the classroom?

When a new student enrols at Golden Grove School, we spend time integrating each child into the Montessori classroom. This process has a variable timeframe for each child. The teacher spends time building a connection with the child and family, as well as allowing the child to become familiar with the classroom materials, to work with classroom mentors and receive support on working independently in a Montessori classroom. Each child settles into the Golden Grove community at their own pace.

What are the benefits to children, for starting school closer to 6 years old?
The Montessori classroom fosters a child’s independence and ability to work collaboratively with other children. Before bringing them in to this environment we look for certain signs of readiness. Markers might be the readiness to separate freely from their parents, the ability to work with other children on an activity, comprehend instructions, and show an interest in learning for a sustained period of time. In Montessori philosophy, children under five and an half are considered to be in the sensorial stage of play, benefiting more from a space offered by a Montessori preschool.

Where do children go after graduating from Golden Grove School

After graduating from Golden Grove our students transition successfully into a variety of high schools. These include public schools, private schools, integrated schools and Montessori High Schools (Peace Experiment). The criteria we have found that makes these transitions successful is the school meeting the individual learning needs of that child.