Science is borne of man’s innate desire to comprehend and utilise the natural world. In it’s conception, it is our fascination with everything. When allowed to follow their natural sense of discovery, the ideas of the universe create admiration and wonder, a feeling loftier and more satisfying than mere interest.

Montessori science follows the Cosmic Curriculum which is based on the five great lessons. Students study the universe in its entirety from the creation of the universe, to the beginnings of life and the evolution of man. These lessons form an integrated curriculum utilising language, mathematics, science, technology, geography, history, biology, chemistry and all the arts.

Gradually children discover the connection between the finite pieces of which the world is constructed and the multifaceted interdependent systems that comprise this vast world. We see the unique role by each part, and begin to comprehend our own unique role within the preservation and betterment of this universe.

The great lessons consist of:

  • The creation of the universe
  • The coming of life
  • The coming of humans
  • The story of language and writing
  • The story of numbers