groupThe child’s mind can be likened to a fertile field, in which seeds of knowledge are planted. This is the age where a life long hunger for knowledge is awakened through the power of wonder and imagination…

At Golden Grove School we recognise that a child’s imagination is in full bloom, they are ready for the acquisition of culture, for greater intellectual pursuits, a freedom to ‘go out’ and explore the world around them, for social interaction and moral development.

Along with the blossoming imagination of the child comes a shift to understanding more abstract concepts and ideas. Children in our classroom are less reliant on concrete materials and more interested in ideas and theories. Mythology, creative writing, and scientific and mathematical theories are relished.


International Montessori Council (IMC)

The International Montessori Council is a world-wide umbrella organization of Montessori schools and the men and women who lead them, own them, or serve on their boards.

Oneness-Family School

The Oneness-Family School is an extraordinary school in the Maryland/Washington DC area. The school has been educating children and guiding them to become inspired learners for 18 years. We are very grateful that the Oneness Family School has offered to be our sister school, and to support our vision in every way.